Backspace Bouken


We’ve released an early in-development demo version of Backspace Bouken on our website. It features an early alpha version of the introductory parts of the game. However, the final version of the game will include more features and content not yet revealed. You can also sign up for our mailing list on our site to follow along with development!

Backspace Bouken Set To Launch On Steam Soon, Demo Now Available On The Plaftorm


Backspace Bouken is a Japanese-inspired old-school dungeon crawler with a fast-paced typing battle system and ridiculous storyline. Fight monsters by typing their dialogue as you progress through the game and climb the tower. Fast and accurate typing will be rewarded, and maybe you’ll even become a better typer!


  • Fluid typing-based battle system that tells the story as you play.
  • Fight a wide variety of enemies and bosses with unique and compelling behaviors and twists.
  • Explore numerous floors of a tower in classic first-person dungeon crawling style.
  • Solve puzzles and collect passwords and information from your enemies to progress through the game.
  • Save NPCs from the tower in a collectathon fashion.
  • Get rewards for completing encounters and filling out your map.

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