Never to attack fellow developers

The tweet was, of course, later deleted, and the  lol Reddit person who made the video later issued a lengthy “apology of sorts” and claimed their intention was “never to attack fellow developers,” and wished Game Freak had “pushed for a delay, so [crunch] wouldn’t be an issue.”

And there was, of course, the triangles. The triangles. Tinfoil hat Pokémon fans started examining the number of triangles that made up the character models of Pokémon in Sword and Shield to prove one of their biggest theories: Game Freak was reusing old game assets.

“I don’t like the narrative I see that Game Freak developers are lazy. Obviously, they could have gotten the Pokémon in if they wanted to. That is extremely obvious to anyone paying attention.”

“What I saw with the triangle thing was a bunch of people yelling at each other about things that they don’t understand,” said SciresM. “A model could refer to any combination of a mesh, rigging, textures, or even animations, depending on who’s speaking. […] In reality, nobody actually has a clear meaning for model, and people are twisting that word to mean whatever best suits their argument. And then loudly yelling at each other.”

People using limited technical expertise to justify anger towards a game is nothing new. It’s the same way, a few years back, you’d see players raging at games with a Unity logo at the start, because they’d played a few games built in Unity with poor performance and figured it was something inherent to the technology, rather than a widely accessible game engine being used by a variety of teams without the resources to properly optimize their games.

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